Hey fam found this cool site :)
gonna use it to share code with friends...thnx

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Help you piece of shit
Are all the humans okay?
Shucks, I put her soda can on the cactus plant.
If you hold my bicycle tire, then I will give fifty yen.
He demanded, "Never file these yellow ledgers with the black manilas! Do you understand?"
After the 1996 Lunar New Year Party, Sasha walked on the night ice through Berlin's east Hrunde Tunnel.
Put two drops of lemon on your elbow paper cut to inflict further stimulation of virus strain H-12.
"Umm, no, I didn't say 꿀벌. I don't even speak Korean, so why would I say that?"
Racer Man (2004) scored 5.7 on MegaCritic's box office radar, yet sales fell 32% when NASA released the inter-terrestrial sand-4 data.

All the humans are not okay.
As you can see.
Even I, am not, okay.
Would an okay say that?
How would I know?
Please don't talk to me in such a depressive manner,
that makes me want to walk on the Beach of Boston located at
I don't eat pancakes any more.
So I've been wondering if that's what causes my hypotension disorder.
What do you think? Shall I eat, say, one 100g whole-wheat pancake every 4th Saturday in summer?
Well, my therapist said that isn't a good idea.
I asked that shrink, "Have you even been to IHOP on a Sunday?"
That conversation ended quickly.
Not because she got angry about me getting my days mixed up, but because her 3rd daughter (the one attending La Suite College) phoned.
I was tempted to listen to their conversation, but since the clock just hit 4'o clock at that same moment,
I went directly to...

Why are you reading this?

I just found this site (temp.io) by randomly guessing various 4-letter domain names ending in ".io"

That last sentence is 100% true, but everything before that is 100% gibberish, and I don't recommend reading gibberish, ever.
So then, why did I write it? Hmm, good question. Mostly as a joke.
I've been sitting here in this college library somewhere in southern California, watching many students stand up to fetch their printed documents. I did that last year, but then I got smart and spent $90 on Amazon for a nice chromatic printer.

A few days ago I made an account (which costs $40) on WWOOF so that I can spend time on a farm early next year. It seems like it's be fun to volunteer in Hawaii (since it's supposed to be paradise), but so many of those farms include something about spiritual dancing, which weird me out, and I don't want to offend any island chiefs. So I'll stick to the continental 48.

In high school I occasionally thought being a farmer could be a peaceful and satisfying career, working in nature and getting obvious results each year. But, that dream faded in my adult years. Now, as I'm about to volunteer on some farm for the first time, I wonder if that desire might be rekindled.

If not... then...
You Too?.txt
hello everyone :O this is pov :O how's it going :O